Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rodak Remembers: Baseball Quiz #8


On June 15, 1958 future Yankee great, Roger Maris, was traded by the Cleveland Indians, along with Dick Tomanek (who?) and Preston Ward, to the Kansas City Athletics for the rather insecure looking player pictured below and the slick fielding, good hitting, Vic Power.

Since Preston Ward and Vic Power, first basemen both, cancel each other out, and since Dick Tomanek basically cancelled himself out, you can do the math so that this fellow—a lifetime .240 hitter, with 179 dingers over a 14-year career—was essentially traded for Maris. And with a pitcher thrown in along with Roger! Name this embodiment of the bad deal.



Graham Womack said...

A one-sided trade?

A rip-off?

A Cleveland crapfest?

Rodak said...

To be more fair than snarky, Cleveland really didn't do that badly in the trade. Vic Power was a very good player for several years, and the player pictured had a little pop and could be played defensively in either the infield or the outfield. Maris didn't really show his true potential until he became a Yankee. From the perspective of the Cleveland front office: Who knew? (shrug)