Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rodak Remembers: Baseball Quiz #10

Okay, sports fans—here’s an easy one. This is Mister Ed. He was, however, better known during his playing days by his nickname, which was given to him by…oh, I don’t know…Malcolm X? ...Richard Pryor? …Elston Howard?

Hint: This is not Luis Arroyo. So, who is it?



Mad said...

Malcolm X? P-Shaw. Lots of us black folk aren't uptighty 'bout "Whitey."

My favorite Ford would be a Fusion, by the way.

SINVILLE said...

Bill Skowron AKA Moose

Rodak said...

Mad got in there first with the correct answer.
But I thought Mad's favorite ford was that shallow place where he can wade in the water...

Can you explain the connection between "Moose" and Malcolm X?

SINVILLE said...

Moose is a human supremacist term. The politically correct is Alces alces.:-)

Btw,"[l]ogic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."

I loved the Elston Howard story.

SINVILLE said...

This Bronte quote suits my nature more:
Better to be without logic than without feeling.

Rodak said...

Let me conjecture that there was considerable "imagination" already in "Malcolm X" etc. But it was imagination directed toward the correct answer to the the quiz, not just free association. Sometimes, hopefully, context is relevant; even good.

Eliza Doolittle said...

Professor Henry Higgins, In the immortal words of Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Btw, yes, I know Robert Hazard wrote the lyrics. I just finished a blog. The 21 theme got me going :-)

Rodak said...

I'll check it out.