Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Reflections: Out of My Depth

The entry in my journal for September 10, 1991 which immediately preceded the one quoted in my last post was this:

I once had dreams of wading, following a beautiful, shallow river to the outskirts of a city. I had dreams of discovering in the ground of cache of coins – and more turned up in the sand the deeper I dug. I dreamed of being in a night city, down in the train yards, and finding there a deep pool full of beautiful, glowing fish that swam up near the surface, and then dove again for the inky depths. It does not seem now that the strange fish I encountered in the city when I had arrived there in reality were equivalent to those dream fish – but it could be that I’m wrong; that something is being overlooked. So far as I can remember, I never dreamt of a fish with a coin in its mouth.

Dreams of buried talents… subconscious a-boil with hidden beauty…



SINVILLE said...

I like this dream more than your last one, and It is entertaining to interpret. The beautiful, 'shallow' river must represent safety, clarity, and a future of prosperity. The latter, because the coins had to be dug, and did not just appear. The 'deep pool', perhaps mystery? The 'beautiful, glowing fish', I checked that glowing means that you need to pay attention. Fish can represent bestowed wealth, profit, or pleasure, depending on the clarity of the water. I had a treasure dream once, and I woke up disturbed. I knew, It mean selfishness. I was reaching for treasure in a hole, or a well, and I kept on having to climb down lower. I knew, it was in reach, and I kept bargaining with myself to go lower, and lower, and I was enthusiastically kidding myself.
It is so cool that you read and write at 4:00 a.m. It makes me envious!

Rodak said...

Thank you for your comments. Your insights are valuable--like the glowing fish in the dream.