Saturday, March 22, 2014

Readings: A Prophetic Poem


Obituary for the middle class

This whole thing, this way of living beside a can opener
beside a microwave beside a son beside a daughter
beside a river going to college, you get up
and kiss the mortgage and go go go with coffee-veins
and burger-fries and pack your soul on ice
till sixty-five, when you sit down with a lake
and have a long talk with your breath
and cast your mind far away from shore, fish nibbling
the mosquitoes of your thoughts: they will whisper of this life
a hundred years from now to children before sleep
who will call them liars, “Once upon a time,
they had two and half bathrooms and tiny houses
for their cars and doctors who listened
through tubes to their fat hearts, they named
their endeavors and beliefs four-wheel drive,
twenty-percent-off sale, summer vacation, colonoscopy,
variable-rate loan, inheritance,” and we will be
as gods to them in that they won’t believe in us,
and we will be spared the eternity of their worship
as they will be spared money, the counting
and the having and the memory of the middle share
of what gets harder and harder to call a pie


Friday, March 14, 2014

Rodak's Writings: Optimism


I woke up
feeling nuttier
than a Mormon.

I figured I could take a second wife.
I could turn the two of them out
as a tag team
on the mud wrestling circuit.

I could make a million bucks
and retire to Boca Raton
with my girlfriend.

I could spend
the rest of eternity
on a nude beach,
tossing bright red chunks
of the loser I used to be
to the screaming white gulls
of deep blue heaven.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rodak's Writings: Whenever


First I discovered
the poet and writer
Maggie Estep
by reading her obit
in the NY Times.

Next I began
listening to the songs
of Judee Sill dead
way back in ‘79
whose name
I had never known
until someone
dropped it last week.

Now I want
Maggie to tell
me a new story
Judee to sing
me a new song.

Only show me the door.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Riffs: Religiolitics


It now seems certain that the crisis in the Ukraine is merely one more subtle element of B. Hussein Obama's Islamo-Marxist plot to destroy the Church--and thus all true religion--by forcing Catholic employers to indirectly fund employees' demonic use of artificial birth control through ACA-compliant insurance plans. Film at 11.

If Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and other atheists are allowed to have fewer children how can the Church long survive?

How long must America's millions of persecuted faithful wait for Pope Francis to raise an army of the righteous in order to launch a Just War in their defense? With many more eager martyrs tunneling in from the south on a daily basis, the time to strike is NOW.

Concerned citizens may wish to form alliances with one of more of the following right-minded organizations:

Lutherans for Large Litters
Calvinists Calving for Christ
The Baby-Bump Baptists
Methodists for the Maintenance of Maternity
Congregationalists Coupling for Conception
Episcopalians for Exponential Population Explosion
Unitarians for Fertile Friendships, or
Mormons for More Mormons
Bottom of Form