Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Q: What kind of man is this?
A: I dunno... Cro-Magnon?
Update: new verb enters the lexicon:

Main Entry: joyce
Pronunciation: joy-sssssss
Function: intransitive verb
Date: 21st century
1 colloquial: FUCK UP BIG TIME
2 : a : derisive : joyced like a bandit ; b: to insert the thumb in the anal aperture and rhymthically stir while sleeping on the job : Panting like a hound, he shamelessly joyced in full view of the crowd


Update.1: Anyone who would like to read something that is less adolescent, less emotional, and more fraught with goodwill is referred here.


SINVILLE said...

I thought of your post when I followed today's reporting. I know zip about the sport but I will remember Joyce's apology. Unfolding events are so unpredictable, and disaster can change to triumph. I thought, he would catch hell for his error, but Galarraga's kindness, was his saving grace.
Emotional adolescence is charming when you pass 50!

Rodak said...

I added my second update, because I recognize that the umpire in question has handled his mistake with appropriate contrition. That said, his bad call was inexcusable.
You have to know the game to really understand how horrible this whole thing is. The baseball commissioner should change the ruling and award Galarraga the notation in the record book that he earned.

SINVILLE said...

I read 'Update.1' and I agree that it is unfair that the record is not corrected, but to whom? Galarraga knows is accomplishment is legitimate, the referee agrees, the fans sure as hell comprehend and even I know it!
I guess a hundred years from now, some kid will read the story and decide whether or not it is truly a record.

Rodak said...

Galarraga's name belongs on the discrete list of the twenty other pitchers in the 130-year history of professional baseball who have pitched a perfect game. He earned that. To baseball and baseball fans statistics and lists are all-important. Whole, thick, books containing nothing else are pored over by fans and historians of the game for the sheer joy of the numbers and what they signify. Galarrage is being robbed of that distinction by a call which everyone involved agrees was wrong. Within the context of baseball, this is tragic.
In the bigger context, of course, "it's only a game."

Anonymous said...

Joyce made him an immortal in the circles that matter ... baseball trivia and lore

Rodak said...

No. Throwing a perfect game--especially the third perfect game in a month--would have done that for Galarraga already.
What Joyce did is make Joyce immortal. He will now be one of the few umpires whose name is remembered; he joins Denkinger in that category.