Friday, August 7, 2015

Reflections: The First GOP Debate

This is how my friend, Robert A George, ranked the opponents after last night's debate:
 1. Kasich
 2. Christie
 3. Rubio
 4. Paul
 5. Bush
 6. Trump
 7. Walker
 8. Carson
 9. Cruz
10. Huckabee

I think this is a pretty good take. I, however, was not as impressed with Rand Paul as Robert apparently was. I thought he came off looking like a prematurely aged, spoiled adolescent. I'd put Trump where Paul is, and rank Walker and Paul at 9 and 10 respectively. I think Carson at 8 is spot-on. I expected him to be better; he was lame. Ditto, Cruz--but I'd move him and Huckabee up by virtue of ranking Walker and Paul beneath them. Kasich is probably charismaticly challenged, but overall he was the least scary of the group. A Kasich-Fiorino ticket would be the one that I believe would draw the least scorn from the rest of the world. Perhaps it will emerge that Fiorino belongs on the top of that ticket.