Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rants: The Shirley Sherrod Incident

The way this thing appears to be shaking down is that a malicious, racist landmine was set by a crypto-fascist disinformation operative, and the NAACP carelessly stepped on it, carrying the feckless Vilsap under one arm and chickenshit Barry Obama under the other. What a fucking mess. I'm howling with rage and convulsed with shame that this Breitbart scumbag was able to so easily pull off the same kind of shit that was pulled off in the demise of ACORN again, and so soon. What a nation of bleating merinos we are!

Never trust an American political conservative: they lack a fundamentally moral perspective.
Update: Kudos to Tom Vilsac who has made a no-nonsense, straightforward apology to Shirley Sherrod and has offered her a new job. No "non-apology apology" here. This was good as gold. I can't ask for more--other than much better due diligence in the future.

Now: where the fuck is the White House? I'm waiting, Barry.

I. Can't. Hear. You....