Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quote du Jour: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

In her memoir And a Voice to Sing With, Joan Baez succinctily sums up the residuals of her affair with Bob Dylan and of that period known as "the 'Sixties:

Even now, in the the 1980s, "Farewell, Angelina," a beautiful little love song laced with cockeyed imagery, is enough to transport a festival audience of forty thousand people in France back to the meaningful days of the sixties, and to give them a sense of empowerment, because for a few minutes they can become a part of a dream from the years when "everything was happening," life seemed to have a purpose, and everyone made a difference. And that, dear Bob, is not fuckin' bad.

We thought we could sit forever and fun, but our chances really was a million to one.
xxxxx~ "Bob Dylan's Dream"
Update: check out how beautiful Joan is here, in a live clip that unfortunately truncates the song.


Mad said...

Oh yeah? Well my generation had anthems too, you know!


Okay ... not REALLY an athem ... (cough, cough) ...

Of course, we jumped the shark when Kelsey Grammar quoted this song on "Cheers" ...

Rodak said...

I actually prefer "Whip It."