Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rodak Asks: Who Dat?

We will now take a short hiatus from Thomas Pynchon to present another installment of "Who Dat?" This one may be more obscure than were previous offerings. In addition to not depicting an American pol, it will be noted that the art class assignment had evidently moved on from strict line drawings to more use of shading. So, who is it?

I'd never have guessed, as I was drawing this portroon from a photo, that a bit more than a decade later I would meet the man in person.


William R. Barker said...

Tom Hayden...???


Rodak said...

Nope. Tom Hayden never looked like that on his best day. Besides, I already said this guy is not an American pol.

Anonymous said...

That's not really "shading," mon frere, it's crosshatching (speaking as an actual "artist").

When did Michael Sarrazin show up at your art class?

Either that or it looks like you were trying to morph Charles Bronson and Joe Namath.


Rodak said...

Crosshatching is a shading technique. And it's a good likeness.

Anonymous said...

Of Michael, Joe, or Charles? (Definitely not Abraham, Martin and John ...)


Rodak said...

I'll post a photo of the dude in a couple of days.