Saturday, April 5, 2008

Reflections: Good Advice

A Piano Lesson:

“Curve your fingers,” Viola said. She took Jenny’s hand and made it into a claw. She shook it at the wrist. “Relax a little.” She showed Jenny how to play a scale.

What she wanted was even fingering. She wound a metronome to demonstrate. She and Jenny clapped along. “Don’t love any of the notes more than the others, “ she said. “Every note needs just the same amount of time to breathe.”

“I don’t love any of them.” Jenny didn’t mean to speak. It just came out.

“I see,” said Viola. She gave Jenny an appraising look. “Don’t hate any of the notes more than the others, then.”

~ from Sister Noon, by Karen Joy Fowler


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, she should have been given guitar lessons?

Sorry, just in a still-snarky laugh mood from one more piece of evidence that our state is, was, and always will be a piece of ...

Luckily, you can still practice piano anywhere that doesn't include Ohio.

--- MS

Rodak said...

My daughter flew Airbus back to college after Spring Break last weekend; made it in just under the wire!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad to hear she wasn't stranded!! Mind you, I feel sorry for those customers caught up in the mess, but I knew when I saw the stupid assed mayor of Capital City at the inaugural launch over a year ago, it was a bad omen.

More follies of the Columbus Billionaires ...

Luckily, Da Mayor's wife didn't drive into the plane, like she is so fond of doing to suburban parked vehicles in this neck of the Buckeye woods.


Rodak said...

Ah, but they sure were cheap fares while they lasted... Saved me a few bucks this year.