Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Request: Pray for Haiti


Because my friend and former colleague, Ingrid, has siblings and other relatives living in Haiti, my attention to the horror that is going down there has been more focused on this tragic event than it has been on some others in the past.

Those of you capable of prayer, please pray for the release from affliction of the survivors. Please pray also for the swift salvation of the souls of all those lost.

If you don't pray, please join the prayerful in providing whatever material assistance you can.
UPDATE: Good news and bad news. I have just learned that all of Ingrid's family are accounted for, except for an older brother, Frantz, who was teaching school in Port-au-Prince and has not been heard from. Please pray for Frantz and all the other still missing victims of this mind-boggling tragedy.
UPDATE: Friday, 1/15/10: Here is a link with a photograph and other information regarding my friend's missing brother, Frantz. Please pass it on.


William R. Barker said...

They have my prayers, Rob.

It's ironic. Just yesterday, hours and hours prior to the earthquake, I was trying to get across the point to someone on another blog that literally BILLIONS of our fellow human beings live lives of poverty, ignorance, and misery.

Out of the entire population of planet Earth, only a slice of humanity lives the existence even lower middle class (the working poor?) Americans enjoy.

Oh, we're not alone. There's Europe. Parts of Asia. And of course even the poorest nations on earth have rich people.

My point... as much as I fear this nation - America - is doomed... folks like you, me, and "ours" lives lives of paradise compared to most of our fellow human beings.

I hope your friends make it, Rob.


Rodak said...

Thanks for your thought, Bill.