Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reminiscences: Sandy Green

It has occurred to me in further contemplating the fascination that the dream image featured in the post below holds for me, that it doesn’t look like something I would draw precisely because I didn’t draw it. I have had a vague memory—which could well be a false memory, but maybe not—that I described my dream to my friend Sandy and asked her to draw it for me.

Sandra Green is one of the most beautiful people (and women) that I’ve known in my life. In the faded photograph below, taken circa 1970 in the living room of an Ann Arbor apartment on Packard Road that I shared with Chris in the second year of our marriage, Sandy is on the right. Her sister, Paula, is on the left.

Sandy, in addition to being a beautiful soul, is also an artist who is gifted at drawing illustrations embodying a fairy tale quality. When I first met her, in the late ‘sixties, her marriage to Chris Frayne, the younger brother of George “Commander Cody” Frayne, had recently broken up.

I last saw Sandy in New York City. She stayed for a few days with my then wife, Kym, and me in our place on W. 89th Street, circa 1984 or ‘85. As I remember, Sandy had recently returned to New York from Hong Kong. She had learned the Chinese language and worked as a translator.

I would love to hear from Sandy again. In the age of Google, and in the spirit of “six degrees of separation,” if this post could somehow put me in touch with her, I’d be most grateful.