Saturday, January 9, 2010

Readings: Holy Slowhand, Batman!

Again in Wandering Star, a few pages beyond the one from which my previous post was excerpted, Esther-Estrella continues to remember the teachings of Reb Joel, as received during her refugee days. Here, Reb Joel is reading from the Book of Beginning:

xxxHe went on reading, “He, the Almighty, said let there be light. And there was light. He, the Almighty, saw that it was good. He, the Almighty, divided the light from the darkness.” Joel said, “The light was that which we could know, and the darkness was the cement of the earth. And so, both were given—divided for eternity, and impossible to keep united. On one side, intelligence, on the other, the world…”
xxx“And, he, the Almighty, called the light IOM, and the darkness he called LAYLA.”

Whoa! Wait a damn minute here! So then it’s true, after all…