Sunday, September 7, 2008

Reflections: Sarah's a-Palin' Fast

It's Sunday morning, and instead of having booked Sarah Palin on the Sunday morning talk shows, so she could meet the press to demonstrate the appropriateness of McCain's choice, we are rather being subjected to the smoke screen of a faux-controversy about Oprah's failure to book Palin on her show. "Show" is the operative word here, boyz and grrrls: It becomes increasingly obvious that Ms. Palin is 90% show-biz. The remainder may be substance. Who knows? She won't say.

The name of Ms. Palin's act is:

How Johnny Mac Got His Mojo Back

It becomes increasingly obvious that exposing her knowledge base to the serious press would be a disqualifier. Clearly, she was chosen to cement the GOP base as a bonafide Holier-than-thou paleo-conservative Bible-babe. This translates in the vernacular as:


May I have your attention, please: The Straight Talk Express will be making a scheduled stop at Jo'nestown, where the herd may enjoy a kool liquid refreshment, while the driver stretches his new-found legs, and the shepherds replace the batteries in their prods/crooks. Sweets fo' my peeps!