Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reflections: Sarah Palin - A Very Brief Review

The G.O.Proletariat had been conditioned to believe that they would see and hear an epochal performance by Sarah Palin on Wednesday night. And, by God, they "saw" and "heard" one. If they had been told that they would cluck like a chicken when Palin said the word "organizer" they would have done everything but lay eggs.

BTW, she sounds just like Roseanne Barr.

When Palin steps up to a mic, her big hair seductively a-jiggle, seemingly defying gravity, there is a moment of uncertainty as to whether she will deliver a speech, or belt out a chorus of "Harper Valley P.T.A."

If she who looks "presidential" to the American people could pass just as easily for the winner of a hog calling contest, there may be a problem.

That said...John who?


Tom said...

Sounds like everyone saw and heard what they were conditioned for.

Rodak said...

I heard first Romney, then Giuliani, and then Palin use sarcasm, condescension, mockery, and factual distortion against Barack Obama, rather than providing much positive information about what a McCain presidency would be all about, substantively. I was disappointed. Until last night, I was rather impressed by Sarach Palin, and said some nice things about her over at Ragged Thots, where I do most of my political jousting. Those nice things did not include being ready to assume the presidency any time soon, but I found her personally appealing.
But she blew it with that speech. Now it's "no holds barred."

Tom said...

You're disappointed that the Governor of Alaska is a politician, so you make fun of her hair and voice?

Rodak said...

Well, Tom, you point out a moral fault for which I should be ashamed. But, you must understand, this particular post is a little comedy riff; the only real barb being the part about the preconditioning of the bleating merinos in the arena.
I find the whole thing to be in the category of tragi-comedy. But that's me.