Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reminiscences: A Diamond Sutra

Q: xxRodak—are you able to alchemically meld your current enthusiasm for poetry with your stated intention of posting images from your collection of vintage baseball pix?

A: xxFuck, yeah! As Latka might have said on Taxi, back in the day, “It’s a piece of pie!"


Here, from Donald Hall’s excellent book on famous poets, Their Ancient Glittering Eyes, is an excerpt of his interview with famous Modernist poet, Marianne Moore:

Marianne Moore

Interviewer: I know you have a number of diverse fascinations. Have you been going to baseball games at all lately?

Miss Moore: No, a Mets and Pirates game in the spring of 1964 is the last thing I saw. Oh, yes, on television I saw Warren Spahn. It’s wonderful what confidence he inspires. And he’s not just a child, either.

Warren Spahn

Interviewer: He’s forty-three years old.

Miss Moore: Yes. And I was delighted when the Cardinals won the World Series, because of Ken Boyer. He has shown great fortitude, I think. He had only dreamed of playing in the World Series, let alone hoped to win. I thought that rather touching. Cletis and he ought to be on the same team.

So, how’m I doin’? To close the circle, here is Marianne Moore, writing poetry about baseball.