Friday, April 23, 2010

Quote du Jour: Gutting a Sacred Cow

"The Romantic theory assumes that literature is mainly or even purely an emotional experience, that man is naturally good, that man's impulses are trustworthy, that the rational faculty is unreliable to the point of being dangerous or possibly evil. The Romantic theory of human nature teaches that if man will rely upon his impulses, he will achieve the good life. When this notion is combined, as it frequently is, with a pantheistic philosophy or religion, it commonly teaches that through surrender to impulse man will not only achieve the good life but will achieve also a kind of mystical union with the Divinity: this, for example, is the doctrine of Emerson." ~ Yvor Winters, In Defense of Reason.

This guy certainly has my number...


Rodak said...

Your ignorance bores me. Ta-ta.

William R. Barker said...


So now you've sunk to deleting comments you disagree with.


Ta-ta, Rob. You'll get what you want.


Rodak said...

It's not a matter of "disagreement." It's a matter of exhausted patience.

Anyone who had been reading what I've been writing over several years and who thought that I had posted this quote because I agreed with it, is functioning without a clue.
Anyone who can't imagine that a person would read the writings of a man with whom he totally disagrees, and post an excerpt of those writings because--although the writer is at the opposite philosophical pole, the writer's skill and artistic gifts make his thought worthy of respect--is a tunnel-visioned philistine.
Anyone who could read the sole personal reflection on that quote, after having been acquainted with my perspective for years, and not realize that Emerson was the "sacred cow" and that Winters would place me in Emerson's tribe, is an idiot.
I just don't have time to respond to that kind of obtuse raving. I would rather be met with total silence.