Sunday, April 18, 2010

Remembrances: Root-root-root for the home team

Now that baseball season is well under way, a nostalgic Rodak remembers the good old days back in Michigan, when Jim Bunning was one of the Good Guys.

As this picture makes crystal clear, Bunning was real nasty in his playing days, coming at you from the right. That much hasn't changed. But, today the senile old fart is throwing the wrong kind of heat.

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, already. Sheeesh!


That picture of Bunning, btw, did not come from Google Images, but from a cache of similar pix, clipped by yours truly from sports mags in the late '50s and early '60s and kept all these years. I have dozens and dozens of them and will share others throughout the baseball season this year.



William R. Barker said...

Jim Bunning is STILL "one of the good guys," Rob.


Rodak said...

Sure that's why his own party in his own state has forced him out of office.

William R. Barker said...

Where are you getting that nonsense from, Rob?

(Seriously...??? Any authoritative citations you'd care to provide?)


Rodak said...

Here's a sample.

Rodak said...

Don't like that source? Here's here's another.

Rodak said...

It's like I keep telling you, hoss: you suffer from tunnel vision. You only see what's right in front of your nose: you have no peripheral vision. You see Bunning being a showboat in the senate and think that he's still the local hero. But, off camera, back home, he's had his ass kicked. That's exactly why he could be so brave in the senate: he had nothing to lose. It was all sour grapes, my man.
With your tunnel vision you will sometimes catch somebody out on a given fact--like you did me with the embassy thing the other day--but you'll never be aware of the big picture until you looking at only what you want to see.

William R. Barker said...


Thanks for the citations, but I'm not sure if you read them closely enough prior to posting them.


First post... (From HuffPost)

QUOTE: "Bunning, 77, has been considered the GOP's most vulnerable senator since a razor-thin re-election in 2004 and a public spat with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who has made it clear he would like his embattled colleague to retire as he tries to boost his party's numbers in the Senate."

Rob... quoting further, the authors of the HuffPost piece themselves noted:

"His retirement could give the GOP a leg up in next year's election in the Republican state."

As to your second citation... (From

QUOTE: "The 77-year-old Hall of Fame pitcher had been considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents this year."

"Bunning had just $600,000 in campaign funds through the second quarter of this year -- a miniscule amount for a statewide campaign. He spent 10 times that in 2004 and won by just 2 points. Stealing away some of his donors has been Secretary of State Trey Grayson (R), who raised $600,000 through his Senate exploratory committee last quarter -- twice Bunning's total. Grayson is the party favorite..."

My point, Rob, is that while no doubt McConnell and others within the GOP were instrumental in "forcing" Bunning's hand, this wasn't based upon whether Bunning was - as I put it "one of the good guys" - or not; no, it was because Bunning is presently 77 years old and barely won his last race.

In other words, the reason for pushing Bunning aside wasn't ideological so much as it was based upon the campaign math - the odds-making if you will.

(Think of it as the reverse of the Pennsylvania GOP keeping Specter as their candidate in '04.)

Anyway... I get what you were saying.

Thanks for providing the citations and clarifying for me where you were coming from.

Perspective is key; recall, Rob, to my way of thinking it's the MCCONNELL Republicans who are often "the BAD guys."

(Thus my challenge to you...)



William R. Barker said...




As to your 4/20/10 @ 6:30 PM post...


You just crack me up!

(And it's especially funny coming after I had already responded to your two citations posts prior to reading your self-congratulatory slam at me.


Again, Rob... I "get" your point now.

You, however, seemingly never got mine.


Anyway... I still say Bunning is one of the good guys.

The fact that McConnell viewed him as a weak link electorally in no way disproves my point. If anything... the fact that McConnell doesn't like Bunning reinforces my take that Bunning is "one of the good guys."


P.S. - Thanks for admitting you were wrong about the Embassy thing!

(*WINK*) (*NOD*)

Rodak said...

All conservatives are bad guys. The reason that Bunning used to be a "good guy"--over and above the fact that he was a great pitcher--is that as a Detroit Tiger, in the the pre-union days, he was his team's player-rep. He was so vehement in his agitation on behalf of his teammates against management that the front office peddled him cheap to the National League--virtually gave him away at the peak of his athletic prowess--just to get him out of their hair. In this, he resembles your beloved Cowboy Ronnie, who also started out as a union activist and a "good guy."
It a shame the corruption that a little success (and money) can work on some guys who carry the gene for selfish power-seeking.

Rodak said...

And, btw, why can't you just admit that I was right, as I did in the case of presidents visiting embassies? I said that Bunning's own party in his own state forced him out--and they did. He was complaining about that in those quotes. He didn't see the writing on the wall and drop out of his own volition--he was forced. That's all I said, and I was perfectly correct.

Rodak said...

And finally, step back and take a look at what you're saying: conservative Republicans, in the light of your position on Bunning, have no true interest in conservative ideology. No, their only interest is in holding power. Bunning is an ideological hero to you; but to his conservative former cronies, he is just a potential loser. They could give two shits about his ideology if the corporate money-brokers who juice their careers have withdrawn their support of him. Total cynicism is the true guiding spirit of American conservatism: "show me the money" and "greed is good" is the subtext of every conservative bumper sticker. This is what your defense of those who dumped Bunning reveals to the world, pard.

William R. Barker said...

Oh, wow... A THREEFER!

(Jeez, Rob... I'm honored!)


"All conservatives are bad guys."


Hey... it's your blog, Rob; if you can't tarnish any claim you have ever had to reasonableness HERE... (*SHRUG*)... then where can you?!



"And, btw, why can't you just admit that I was right..."

Rob. You're the English major. (*SHRUG*) Re-read my original comment (4/19/10 12:14 PM) and then re-read your response - AND THEN re-read my response to that.

By "that nonsense" I was clearly referring to your inference that Bunnings "ouster" (supported by elements within the state GOP) was based upon him NOT BEING "one of the good guys."

Again... to reiterate... (and please - if you can't be honest with the rest of us, at least be honest with yourself)... to me Bunning was "the good guy" and McConnell was "the bad guy."


Rob... hell... you admit such knowledge of the way I look at things with your (later) post comparing Bunning with Reagan.

(You know I see Reagan as "one of the good guys.")

Seriously, Rob... trying to distort my words and clear meaning was - and is - beneath you.

Rob... seriously... you KNOW better.


I know... I know... you "got excited" at the prospect of "winning a point."


Hey... I can't blame you for that! On those rare occasions where you "score a point" against me you SHOULD be proud!

(You know... the guy who brings a knife to a gunfight yet manages to draw blood before getting blown away deserves his props...)


Rob. In short... I never said - nor inferred - that you were "wrong" in noting that McConnell and crew behaved at worst as RINOs and at best as standard political hacks who could read the polling data and who didn't want to risk losing "Bunning's seat."


My question was premised upon what I assumed was your continuation of an attack on Bunning's CHARACTER.

Are we clear...???


William R. Barker said...


As to Rodak 4/22/10 5:00 AM

"And finally, step back and take a look at what you're saying: conservative Republicans, in the light of your position on Bunning, have no true interest in conservative ideology. No, their only interest is in holding power."



Rob. One more time...

McConnell is a RINO.

I've always viewed McConnell as a RINO.

What's so frustrating is... YOU KNOW THIS!

My God... YOU KNOW THIS...!

Yet STILL you attempt to distort my clear points.


Rob. Seriously. Whether you believe my views are correct or incorrect you must acknowledge that the "themes" of my social/economic/political beliefs are clear and consistent.

Hell... they're all over my blog - just as they were all over Ragged Thots and just as they're here in your own blog's archives.

Whether you think my consistency is misplaced is besides the point; one thing I am is intellectually consistent.


Now in the big scheme of things our web interaction doesn't amount to a hill of beans, but ask yourself, Rob... do you REALLY want to be the guy constantly distorting reality in blind pursuit of "winning" these internet "debates?"

Rob... this ain't "real life." But if you're willing to demonstrate a lack of honesty here...


I don't know what else to tell you, Rob.


Rodak said...

Bunning accomplishes the quasi-miraculous by making McConnell look good in comparison. Bunning is a piece of shit. And anybody who thinks he isn't, is another one.

Rodak said...

I don't know what else to tell you, Rob.

See if "good-bye" works for you.