Monday, May 18, 2009

Reflections: Howling On

The blogospheric tremors of which I wrote in my May 9th post have continued to mount to an ominous rumble as two more bloggers with whom I had maintained long-term relationships have ceased operations in the interim. In addition, I have voluntarily exiled myself from a third blog for reason of irreconcilable differences; and this blog had the most seniority on my Favorites menu. A fourth hasn’t put up a new in nearly a month. C’est la guerre. Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold...

As one of my local good ol' boy neighbors might opine while watching the tractor pull event, “We got mere anarchy loosed on the world rye cheer.”

Fug it, then: I can’t go on, I’ll go on:

Honestly, I consider this, my blog, to be a stupendous failure. It was my intent, when I launched it going on two years ago, to write a blog primarily about good books and about some of the fundamental ideas that made those good books (in my opinion) good. It was my hope that in so doing, I would both introduce unknown others to books and authors with whom they might not have been familiar, and by so doing to stimulate discussion of those books and ideas.
You can just about guess how that went. Yeah...

The one writer/thinker whom I have most wanted to promote is Simone Weil. I feel that I have really tried. An interested party could review my many efforts in the Rodak Riffs archives. Well, maybe it’s me. Maybe if I were to throw up a few posts demonstrating an interest in Simone Weil of long-standing with a person widely respected across the spectrum, from religious Catholics, to the literary intelligentsia, my enthusiasm over Weil would thereby be vindicated?

How about Flannery O'Connor? Would she fit the ticket?

Stayed tuned—(Ha-ha! LoL!)—and we’ll all find out together...