Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Readings: Time Travel

Below is a fragment of a poem entitled, "Autumn Gold: New England Fall" from one of the books that I'm currently reading, The Fall of America by Allen Ginsberg. The book was recipient of the National Book Award for Poetry in 1973. These poems chronicle that frenetic travels of Allen Ginsberg around America, from coast to coast and from north to south, during roughly the period that I was in college until the time that I moved to New York City (1965-1971).

President Johnson in a plane toward Hawaii,
xxxxxFighter Escort above & below
xxxxxxxxair roaring –
Radiostatic electric crackle from the
xxxxxcenter of communications:
I broadcast thru Time,
xxxxxHe, with all his wires & wireless,
xxxxxxxonly an Instant –


I chose this particular fragment of poetry because it seems to me to be so very prophetic.