Friday, May 22, 2009

Quote du Jour: Ranking the Oligarchs

The following observation was entered into the notebooks of poet and teacher, Theodore Roethke, sometime during the period, 1948-1953:

We have come to expect the public man, at best, to be third-rate; most of the time. A considerable section of influential American public men are simply hillbillies who have learned to count. ~ Straw for the Fire

Amen. Timeless...


Mad said...

For you blue; the quintessential public man:

"During his last days in office, 'experienced businessman' Dick Cheney ignored the economic collapse brought on by his administration and concentrated all of his persuasive efforts on bugging Bush to pardon Cheney's former Chief of Staff, a convicted felon.

"He hasn't changed. In C.S. Lewis's Narnia, 'the dwarfs are for the dwarfs.' So too with Cheney: his daughter tells Fox News that he has come out of hiding because he fears prosecution for authorizing torture (frankly, I'd like to hear what a jury might decide).

"So his chosen method? Destroy the Republican Party that made him everything he is today. .

"Knute Rockne used to say, 'you don't spit on a man's head if you're standing on his shoulders.' Well, the vexed and vexing Cheney is contemptuous of the party he helped to destroy. He will spit and sputter to his heart's content. Ingrates! Traitors!

"Important note: Cheney still has a lot of money and some very rich and powerful friends. There are a lot more people concerning whom he undoubtedly has incriminating information (remember Bill Clinton and those 946 FBI files Hillary collected in her personal library on their enemies?). So the party will not dismiss him lightly.

"Nonetheless, everybody but the neocons and the criminals wish he would go away"
--- Christopher Manion

Rodak said...

There you have it. Of course, his alleged boss is an even better example: the self-made hillbilly.

Mad said...

Bush may be smarter than your prejudices may ascertain. He DIDN'T do the round of "midnight pardons" that ex-presidents of both parties are prone to engage in on their last days. It's almost as if he was ensuring that Cheney would get his judicial comeuppance by not giving him blanket protection from a pardon (immensely pissing off Cheney). Thus, I agree with Manion that Cheney will not go quietly, and there's going to be a whole lot of skeletons falling (or dragged) out of closets.

"It makes great television watching the world end ..." - Green Day.

Oh while, politics is someone else's problems these days. Now, back to my granola and copy of "Vegetarian Times" ...

Rodak said...

I've pretty much weaned myself from politics, too. Obama isn't taking me where I want to go, and I can't expect the advent of anybody else who will. So, fuck it. I'll just keep on keepin' on and cultivate my own little ascetic garden down here in Dogpatch while Rome burns.