Friday, March 21, 2008

Reflections: What's In a Word?

Let us now all parse the Obamaian sentence that deployed the term "typical white person".
(I've just about had it with the parsing.)

My co-worker, a good, solid, white liberal, with whom I just got done arguing about Obama's usage, insists that Obama should have said "many" where he said "typical." I disagreed. I maintain that: a) "typical" accurately reflects both reality and Obama's attitude toward that reality; and, b) Obama used the word deliberately; because, c) Obama has no interest in being America's House Negro.

It is my contention that Obama will not pander to the White population's pathetic need to have their deep-seated stereotypes and bigotries treated as if they weren't there. I think Obama is saying vote for me, but don't expect that by doing so you're getting a "good Negro." He's saying: I will hold up the mirror in which you will see your white self undistorted, perhaps for the first time. If you don't like my use of the word "typical"--go vote for Hillary and get your politically-correct rocks off by electing the first woman.