Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reflections: Quo Vadis?

Regardless of what any of us thought of THE SPEECH, on the morning of this first day of springtime in America, the polls show clearly that it did Obama more harm than good. America wanted the Rev. Wright under the bus. America did not want White Granny under the bus.

That's the beautiful thing about America (outside of her spacious skies and amber waves of grain, I mean)--her stability! Her inertia! It's Baseball, White Granny, and Chevrolet, Ũber Alles, forever! (Actually, Chevy ain't doin' that good. Better stick Apple Pie back in there.)

It is hard to imagine that there will ever be an African American more talented, more intelligent, more personally attractive, or better positioned to make America's case to the rest of the world, than is Barack Obama. Nonetheless, my friends (oops, I just threw up a little in mouth there!), Barack Obama has proven TO BE NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME.

So, really--Quo vadis?