Saturday, July 30, 2016

Reflections: Some Final Thoughts on the DNC and the Primaries

If the excuse for the extreme bias of the DNC against Bernie Sanders is, "he isn't really a Democrat," then they should not have allowed him to run as a Democrat. The truth is, they wanted him to run as a Democrat so that he could be defeated in the primaries and not be on the ballot in November.
Having lured him into the fold, the DNC then abandoned its proper role to work against Bernie Sanders and for Hillary Clinton. The proper role of the DNC would be to work to provide maximum exposure in the media and in live rallies, etc. for both candidates, so that the electorate would be able to make informed choices on which candidate to vote for in the primaries. The DNC, however, did everything it could to suppress the availability of Bernie Sanders to public exposure. This gave Hilllary, who already had name recognition by the ton, a huge advantage over Sanders, who was not well-known to the general public.
Despite this ruthless sabotage, Sanders raised his own money, drew huge crowds to his rallies and came very close to defeating the largely unpopular HRC, despite multiple polling place "irregularities" which allegedly worked in Clinton's favor.
Anybody who thinks the Democratic party's primary process was fair and honest is a dupe, or is in passive collusion with the fraud.
We don't need to be worrying about Russians fucking around with our elections in order to destroy our democracy when we have traitorous operatives for the globalist, criminal corporatocracy like Debbie Wasserman Schultz doing it already.