Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Reflections: Election Day 2016--Hard Choices

I just watched Bernie Sander's speech from Philly at the DNC last night. It is sad that it has come to this. But Bernie did get to me.

Obama promised most of what HRC now promises and was able to deliver only bits and pieces of it. HRC won't do any better unless the revolution extends down ticket. Even if you can't bring yourself to vote for Hillary--and I don't blame you there-- you must go and vote for the Democratic congressmen and senators who are up for election or reelection in your state and district. I personally contemplated abstention as an option this time around, but I now reject that notion as irresponsible and potentially destructive.

That said, we also need a strong anti-war movement such as we saw in the Vietnam era to put an end to HRC's murderous foreign policy agendas.It's all well and good if she can mitigate the obscene profit-taking of Big Pharma. But she must also put an end to the huge profitability of the arms industries and the slaughter of innocents abroad that those profits provoke and incite.

I haven't yet decided whether I can bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton. But I have decided to vote. And as a resident of the crucial swing state of Ohio, with the polls currently showing Trump and Clinton tied, I am persuaded that if the election were being held tomorrow I would have to vote for Clinton--even though I would fear hating myself ever after for doing so.

Hillary Clinton is not a good human being, but we live in a fallen world and we must, of necessity, do the best we can with what we've got.