Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rodak's Writings: Unpleasant Reminder ~ an oldie

unpleasant reminder

yes, i know…
you are a seeker of ecstasies
a lover of beatific, transporting visions
a solitary wanderer of fragrant fields
you worship love in the cathedral of the pines
a service orchestrated by the genius of songbirds
a sanctuary lighted by colors
reflected from the robes of god
and scented by the garden breath
of the east wind out of eden
these things you love to touch
becoming one with their reality
you open your hands
and your palms fill with butterflies
fanning your hot lips with their beautiful wings
or you hold in your hand a hummingbird
knowing a breathless epiphany
with every flutter of its fragile heart
these things you touch
knowing yourself to be of their essence
your astral fingers remember virgin eve’s every shape
as adam learned them in eternity
see the imprint still in the grass
where she bore the innocent weight
of his fall to earthly grace
oh yes, you are a sensitive and free
child of nature, god’s holy mirror
as you unfold your soul and spread it on your knees
to reveal yourself in its perfect reflection…

…yes, but there is much
that you choose to overlook
behold the creature that scurries in darkness
recoil as it streaks across your feet
its black bristles rigid with fear
see how it sits, quivering with dark impulse
within the shadowed ring of its scaly, naked tail
showing the yellow blades of its necrophagous teeth
its gloom-piercing eyes gleaming
with a wisdom you wish not to comprehend
behold this night-stalking familiar
of the dwelling place of man
as you sit down to the feast
know that it waits impatiently in your cellar
possessed of an undying will
that is the lust to satisfy its beastly hunger

can you see through your dream’s dark dimension
the claw marks in the dust beneath your bed
or in your slumber hear the hissing in your walls
as you await the dawn with your love in your arms
and your heaving breast filled
with the fragrance of lilacs?
dreamer, would you be free?
it is the rat you have yet to embrace
would you know yourself?
it is the rat you must yet learn to love
only then will your mirror hold a true image
only then will you feel the kiss of god…