Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rodak's Writings: Poem -- a repost


your song i sing

down by the sea this last summer day

the sun shining sidewise on a tropical slide

foam stiffens and dries in the air

leaving a golden shell of salt and sand

which we shed like insects with minute contractions

of invisible muscles as we mount the stark dunes

neglected expanse of widows abandoned

in loneliness mounded rolling nude in the wind

crossing the highway out to the meadows

parched summer grasses the color of hair

marching through a stand of cronish oaks

with shriveled breasts

whose fingers implore release of the sky

cupping the wind in skeletal palms

their hearts exploding yet in verdant gore

here is there nothing so human as myself

as i have him lead me

the weight of my flesh rubbing warming me inward

my hair in the sky we ascend to the hills

i strive with the trees but i dream of the sea

where all is crisp with death i moisten

such is my womanhood’s power to life

from the shore to the hill

i let him speak like a stranger

imploring demanding waxing and waning

he sweeps through the seasons

now a wind now a whimper

i let him go on let him frost thaw and bluster

from march to august to april again

until i’ve heard quite enough i have come to season

now i touch him just once and he pops like a blowfish

all spine and taut flesh straining and staring

a fish out of water gone apoplectic in an alien weather

…the distant highway is a ribbon

around a bundle of hills

it winds its way down to a toy city

and a darkened room

where the cat stalks her boredom

in a frame on the mantel

my image resides

frozen in another life

beside my bed in little bottles

resembling crystal

liquid musk gleams golden

behind foreign words

suggestive of passion

the room is full of secret moments

which do not concern me now…

in plain view of the city i stretch make myself naked

and i pull him down to me providing a sea

now and swimming him through me

he acts like a stranger imploring demanding

now waxing now waning a wind and a whimper

frost thaw and bluster i let him go on

and the breeze rises harshly

drowning his babbling voice in my ear

as i gaze on the sky to avoid the distraction

of the bobbing and gobbling

as caught in a frenzy like a fish in a net

he withdraws charges blindly again and again

for the sea is a drug is a strong anesthetic

i can draw his blood freely feel it flow hot and slimy

and deftly my fingers are tracing my portrait

in red sticky liquid on the flesh of his shoulders

as i fathom the milky blind eye of the sky

and i am a tide rising gripping a monolith

set on the beach as an object of worship

by some ancient race as old as the shore

a tide like a hand gripping sliding releasing

muscular sinewy fingers of wavelets

pumping hard toward a peak of delicious fatigue

wave upon wave sliding sucking to swallow

the shaft of that rock in the depths of the sea

wave upon wave of salt spray and suction

rising and heaving and straining and yearning

until for a long moment the sea is contracting

and pulsing and swirling and i’m seeing my image

flashing and burning across the swift clouds

that are boiling and churning

in the smothering winds that scream

and then sigh

and lost in the distance something frantically pulsing

is pumping and toiling to urgently offer

but a spurt to my boundless my infinite measure

…freed from myself

i turn back now to him

but release has brought calm

to the rage of the maelstrom

he just soaks away

through the hair of the grasses…

far away my cat stretches tries her claws on the rug