Monday, January 27, 2014

Rodak's Writings: Water Conservation


At 5 a.m. I stand in the shower

breathing steam, soaping the smelly parts.

At head level, above my right shoulder,

a small rectangular window

on the flip-side of which the winter wind

drags crystal-rich sub-zero air moaning

through the frosted boughs of ragged pines.

As I rinse the Head and Shoulders from my thinning hair

I pee into the draining suds water, saving a flush.

When I twist the hot and cold to cut the flow,

Feather the Wonder Cat cries once outside the stall.

She’s been waiting there to lick my legs

as I dry my hair and upper body, employing

my one, semi-crusty, aqua bath towel – a ritual.

The shower was short. The bathroom is chilly.

Yet these simple acts, choreographed by long repetition

and demonstrative of the Will to Hygiene,

disclose as well a stoic assent, on this day, at this hour,

to carry it forward one more time -- with Feather’s approval.