Monday, January 13, 2014

Readings: A New Poetry Enthusiasm

Below is the final section of a four-part poem entitled "Night Unfixes the World" by my new Facebook friend and latest poetry enthusiasm, Aliki Barnstone:


Drawing without a lamp as Twin Peaks darkens.
The cat coughs on its own hair.
You take pleasure in ink blots
leaking through the page like a thunderstorm
flashing over torn paper mountains. Ink tells you nothing,
is only other nights when traffic ticked
in your insomniac ear while your lover slept.
In another period of argument.
And here you hiss the cat off the table,
shape this apartment, your face, headlight eyes
outside the window. Here traffic goes by
casting lights while blots of ink angels
silently travel the walls.

 This piece is from a collection entitled Madly in Love.  Give it a look, poetry lovers.