Monday, May 10, 2010

Quote du Jour: You're Having Me On!


And George Martin tells of an incident during the present series of recordings
when John wanted the saxophones to play a certain note. Martin told the
saxophonists what to play and John interrupted.
"Look," said John, "I'm playing G but you're asking them to play B flat."
"That's right," Martin told him. "If they play their B flat, it sounds the same
as your G"
"How's that?" asked a puzzled John Lennon. "Why doesn't it sound the same
if they play G?"
"Well," said Martin, "it's because the instruments are in different keys and
their B flat is the equivalent of your G."
"I don't know," said John, “sounds bloody silly to me."

~ Saturday Review, October 12, 1968