Monday, August 17, 2009

Reflections: Death Before Dishonor

No single-payer? Not even any half-assed "public option?"

Okay, here's the thing: even if the senate Democrats have revealed themselves to be the gaggle of sold-out deep-throating sluts that we've always secretly feared they really were; I say, even if...!

Even if--then Mr. Obama, you need to go down to defeat, not down to your knees. You need to lose--and lose big-time; lose decisivley; lose unequivocally, and with no regrets, fighting for what you claimed to believe in.

If you lose, you win. If you fold, you're toast.

Oh, and by the way... Barry! Get the fuck out of Afghanistan, before it's too late! Don't listen to the judas military officers who are thinking only of field promotions: they're liars--and always have been!
Update: It now occurs to me that I should've titled this post: PUNK'T AGAIN?

Update.1: It also occurs to me now that there's no side to defect to: THERE'S ONLY ONE SIDE! I.e., I was right in 1968, and nothing substantial has changed.