Thursday, June 18, 2009

Readings: Han Shan in the Gap

Here—since I’ve been too distracted lately by things into which I don’t want to delve in this venue to work on what I had planned as my next post—is another poem by Han Shan (Cold Mountain) translated, with commentary, by Red Pine. I had a little private chuckle over this one by applying it to pundits, political bloggers, and such-like:

The world is full of busy people
well-versed in countless views
blind to their true natures
they get farther from the Way
if they could see what’s real
they wouldn’t talk about empty dreams
one thought answers your prayers
revealing a buddha’s view

The final couplet recalls the words of Amitabha, "This mind creates the buddha. This mind is the buddha. The sea of omniscience of the buddhas springs from the thoughts of the mind." Kuan wuliangshoufo ching (Contemplation of Amitabha Sutra)