Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quiz du Jour: Test Your Literary IQ

I am reading a novel and want to see if anybody can figure out—from the image above (a strong reference to one of the novel’s subplots) and the excerpt below (which describes an attitudinal stance characteristic of the novel’s protagonist)—what the title of that novel is:

…[the protagonist] gathered from her description of Matisse that he owed much of his greatness as an artist and as a man to the fact that he was simultaneously epicurean and pious, hedonistic and devout; that he made little or no distinction between his love of wine, women, and song and his love of God—and attitude that struck [the protagonist] as entirely sensible.
Please submit your answer to the comments section below.
NB: Persons who already know what I’m reading, should recuse themselves to give others a shot at it.


Mad said...

I think this alcoholic media is more of this generation's speed than the graphic you used

Rodak said...

The clue is on the label.