Friday, March 13, 2009

Special Feature: Rodak's Writings Revealed

I usually only make my "creative" efforts available for viewing by posting a link in the "Rodak's Writings" sidebar. But with this one I somehow created a glitch over on ZohoWriter where I store my stuff so that it keeps getting deleted after I link to it. So be it: I'll post it here, for all the world to see:


Sonnet: Nihil Piped

Fools rush out where wise men freeze to dread—
The empty sky’s a virgin suicide note—
At your lofty desk, composed, eyes straight ahead—
As walls collapse “Oh no!” rips out your throat.

The world’s a trap, your private glimpse of hell—
It’s not the times things work, but when they don’t—
To read the last page now, just dig the smell
Of the road kill you whiz past: that’s all she wrote.

Matter winked, you hawked the glint of slime—
You tumbled down from somewhere safe up there—
You lunged for flesh, but wrestle now with Time—
So mad your lust to rasp your tongue on hair.

Nihil piped: O, baby, how you danced!
Now your Guildenstern’s greased up for Rosencrantz.