Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rants: Republican Fascist Hyenas

When I got home from work today, I had mail. Snail mail, that is, in the actual metal mailbox out by the road. It was sent to me by the Ohio Republican Party. (They have to be kidding, right?) Anyway, the item in question is a slick, four-fold, flyer. On the “back side” of the unfolded flyer it says:

Friend of Obama.

On the front side, where my name and address is printed, down in the lower left-hand corner is Bill Ayers’ forty-year-old mug shot. In the upper right-hand corner is a muddy close-up of Barack Obama’s scowling face. In a rectangular box above Ayers’s mug shot, pointed at Obama’s portrait like the barrel of a handgun, is the infamous Ayers quote:

“I don’t regret setting bombs.
I feel we didn’t do enough.”

When you unfold the flyer, the interior left side has the large font header:


Beneath this there is text that includes the following:

“His group was finally stopped when a bomb to be detonated at a U.S. Army dance, prematurely exploded, putting Ayers on the run and his current wife on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.
“Then William Ayers became of friend, colleague and supporter of Barack Obama.”

Then” for fuck sake? “Then?” That “then” entails a span of what? Three decades? That wouldn’t mislead anybody, would it?

On the right side of the fold is the large font header:


And at the bottom of the page:


How the fuck do they know who I think he is? On the final side is a two-paragraph recounting of the nefarious history of the Weather Underground, purportedly excerpted from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—the journal of record in the “real America,” I guess? Then finally a repeat of the mug shot and the scowling Obama.

This is character assassination. This is un-American. This is your Republican Party as it is at home. Own it, you fascist hyenas.


Reverend Jack Smith said...

I got one last week in NC. I threw it away because I didn't even want it recycled.
I even got a robocall from Rudy tonight telling me how the liberals want to set convicted felons free.
Who knew?

Rodak said...

Yes, the robocalls have been coming in for some time now. But, for some reason this flyer was the last straw.

An Interested Party said...

But of course they have to do desperate shit like this, don't they? What else do they have left in the cupboard...

Rodak said...

Well, they could have Sarah hit the club circuit and do a fan dance where she flings her fashion house wardrobe into the audience, piece by piece...

Anonymous said...

you know as well as any intelligent person does: the beauty of this kind of attack is that the attacker can hide behind the fact that no one IS saying that obama is a terrorist.
BUT, because palin has been saying daily that he ‘pals around’ with them, SIMPLE PEOPLE will be lead to believe that he is associated with them. this kind of communique is made EXPRESSLY to play to that kind of persons fear and ignorance.
read the rest of this article here:

Rodak said...

Who was it?--P.T. Barnum? that said: "You'll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."

I got a second flyer yesterday, the theme of which is: OBAMA IS SOFT ON CRIME.

Who knew?

An Interested Party said...

Well, according to what Madscribe recently posted over on RT, he believes Obama is soft on crime, so maybe you should just mail the mailer to him...

Rodak said...

Since he lives in Ohio, too, I'm assuming that he's already received it. Liberals are always susceptible to the charge of being "soft on crime," because they tend to protect civil rights, including those of the accused, and to fight the incipient police state.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit. Everything you need to know about Democrats or Republicans


Rodak said...

I don't see where the Rockwell column contradicts what I've posted here; I just take the conclusions one step further than does he. I say that, having lost power after eight years, those whom we both call the "fascists" will, of necessity, abandon the propaganda war (which they have lost) and take it to the streets.
Obviously, this will be only the extremists among them--the McVeighs--but having been forced to abandon all hope of taking over peacefully, by the ballot, they will--clinging bitterly to their religion and their guns--act.