Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reflections: Night Sweats for Johnny Mac

Here is one worry with which Barack Obama does not need to cope as a result of choosing Joe Biden as his running mate. To wit:

It is Rodak’s 23rd Law of Popular Culture that:

Of any woman who has posed with a motorcycle, nekkid pitchers exist.

And further that:

Any such pitchers that exist will emerge to be posted on the web.

This is an age-old law -- much, much older than motorcycles. For instance, the lady whose lovely form adorns my previous post provides alluring proof of this Law of Nature. In her day, of course, there were not yet motorcycles upon which to pose. When she graced the earth with her beauty, the clue was provided by having had one’s portrait made riding a strong stallion astride, rather than sidesaddle. Posing in a state of nature was as certain follow as night the day.

Sleep well while you can, John McCain; the wheels of that Big Chopper, Fate, are inexorably turning.