Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WWWtW-Watch #18: Darwin's Revenge

Dedicated to the proposition that it can happen here.

This just in:

In a new post that is just too good to pass over without comment, WWWtW doyenne, Lydia, expresses her secret fear of being taken for one of the Pongidae, or even, perhaps, in a certain light, for vegetable salad makings. Expressing her disdain for chimpanzee tool-making skills, Lydia shrills:

“I don't consider learning termite fishing to be sort of "on the way to" having a fully developed language and arts, a la Watership Down. Or New York City.”

Judging from her attempt at spelling “radicchio,” termite fishing is no certain indicator of the eventual development of that skill, either. A mostly liquid, reddish, vegetable existence does, however, seem well within reach.