Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Readings: Born To Lose

As reported also by Plato, and Plotinus… I, too, seem to remember something like this:

Remember hovering, on the lip of darkness, on the surface of Eternal Mind? In the beginning of consciousness? – to enter, like spermatozoa into fetal egg, the world, for a try at it, and those who told you from the depths of the universe not to try it? – they were the Buddhas. It was dark, it was damp and like raining, there were overshoes in a damp closet, brown light in grim kitchens, and there was a struggle and many mysterious lights showing from everywhere and furors that made me want to go in my pants and I made a tremendous mistake. Born!

~ Jack Kerouac, Some of the Dharma

Drawn by the cosmic vibration of mama’s hot thighs: Before Rodak am, I was.