Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reflections: The Loyal Opposition

I've been wanting to post something about the book on Martin Luther that I'm reading. The work traces the development over time of Luther's Theology of the Cross. The problem has been that Luther's been having a new insight every two or three pages, so anything I might write concerning today's reading would need to be revised tomorrow. As a result, I've decided that I'll wait until I've finished the whole thing to reflect on it.

Meanwhile I've been out roaming around the cybersphere, leaving my contrarian observations in the comment boxes of several other blogs:

I've been discussing the best way to talk to disbelievers in the comments section of the November 8th post, "My Latest for Catholic Exchange" at Catholic and Enjoying It.

At What's Wrong With the World I've been commenting sagely on the genetic basis of racism and its implications for a Brave New World scenario to come.

The owner of The Catholic Libertarian, a title which I have characterized as oxymoronic, has had to put up with my dubiety regarding his posts on the Jihad and Mother Teresa's dark night of the soul.

I've also been very briefly involved in a set of rather eclectic comments at Postmodern Papist.

Finally, I've been boycotting my former home-away-from-home Ragged Thots in a fit of pique. But you shouldn't. Go there and make yourself heard. Really. Just do it.


Madscribe said...

Finally, I've been boycotting my former home-away-from-home Ragged Thots in a fit of pique. But you shouldn't. Go there and make yourself heard. Really. Just do it.

Even Frazier left the Bar. And like that NBC show, I enjoy the Spin-off more than the original.

Rodak said...

Please note that the novel Tree of Smoke, which I was plugging here a few weeks ago, has won the National Book Award.
You heard it here first.
As for our friends back at "Cheers"--there seems to be a loud voice, bellowing into the void.
But, really, if I had any readers, I'd encourage them to give Ragged Thots a try.

Madscribe said...

Rodak, It's just in my DNA to avoid fiction. I think maybe once I concluded all my paper-chase academics, I might rediscover the joys of fiction. Actually, I would be more inclined to classic literature than modern authors.Camus and Sartre pretty much killed off my inclination to read any modern authors in college (the first time around).

Since I'm re-studying French as a second language as an adult, maybe I'll get around to reading Dumas or Hugo in the original language one of these days. Dante, however, would be at the top of the list, as he was one of many of the authors that my pathetic public school took a "hit it and quit it" approach to in the 80s.

As for "Cheers," I see Cliff Claven is filling all the spaces in the cheery combox. No man is an island but our our ol' pal Barker is a waste dump all to himself.

Rodak said...

Well, Cliff always maintained that he would inveigh against everything non-Barkerian, even if nobody was listening. Et, voila!

I have a set of Dante, sitting on a shelf, waiting for me to take the plunge. I also want to reread the Iliad and the Odyssey. I want to read Chaucer in a modern English translation, which I've never done. And I want to read Don Quixote.
My problem is that I love contemporary fiction; and there's so much of it that I never get around to the "classics."
And I must remember, along those lines, that I'm not getting any younger.
Tick-tock said the clock...

Madscribe said...

Well, just remember that it would be better to be found in your final repose with a copy of "The Canterbury Tales" by your side rather than "Fear of Flying" ...

Rodak said...

Jong, we hardly knew ye.

Anthony said...

"Dubiety" huh? I had to look it up.

I am just trilled someone reads my ramblings.

Rodak said...

It is my pleasure to do what I can to promote your blog to anybody who happens across mine. Keep it going!