Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rodak's Writings: Two Songs of Resignation

Two Songs of Resignation

1.  Profile Deleted

I am sick
of my face, sick
of my tastes,
eroded by existence
on the abrasive surface
of this inconsequential
pebble, the banal
opacity of which
mirrors the clotted
vision of my fading
sight, the dying lamp
of my solitary soul.

2.  Gone

The warmth,
sometimes heat,
of your skin,
the soft hairs
twisting up
from its smooth
sparsely birth-marked
the muscles beneath
that contracted
or stretched in response
to my explorative touch,
the faithful bones within

Your hot skin
with its apertures,
their fragrances
and salt tides,
the non-gender specific
meeting of our mouths,
our twin tongues,
hungry, thrusting

the blank silence
of this room

the whispered resignation
of graphite on empty page