Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rodak's Writings: The Hunger - a poem

The Hunger

Absolutely everything
is significant.
Absolutely nothing
is intrinsically meaningful.

Mind solders the connections
to make constructions
agreed upon as Real.

Existence is art:
the antidote, 
the alternative 
to nothingness.

But art is not Being
and the Universe
pays nothing for the work.

Be Real:
take an artist to lunch.

1 comment:

Gabe Ruth said...

This is not related to the poem, but to your past posts on gnosticism, and your stated love of fiction. Have you ever read a book called Voyage to Arcturus, by David Lindsay?

It is an obscure work, but I believe an important one worth dissecting. The problem is, no one I know has read it, and to be honest I wouldn't want most of the people I know to read it because it could make them crazy. I think gnosticism is false and dangerous to the soul, but the reasons for the allure of its lies can reveal things worth knowing.

Also, some of the things you've written about the meaning of pain are very interesting.