Friday, July 10, 2015

Reflections: That Southern Heritage Thang

So, as I'm slowly coming to understand it in the aftermath of the much-publicized flag lowering in South Carolina, the Southern heritage symbolized by the Confederate flag was never about violent rebellion in defense of race slavery at all. 

Heaven forbid! 

The heritage thing was about the genteel lives lived by the refined and well-mannered gentlefolk abiding in the mansion on the hill during the glory days of the feudal plantation system. And it was also about: possum stew; women who relied on the kindness of strangers; jug band music; and pecan pie. 

So--besides catfish, red necks, coon dogs, boll weevils, the KKK,
and hook worm infestation--have I left anything out?


Anonymous said...

We tend to ( on this bit of continent) cry in outrage when other countries destroy their history.
Truth has to be known, the good the bad and the ugly. I see it from a distance up here where part of the underground railroad you can still visit. I wavered ( yes bit of a pun ) not to dwell so much of the flag and those people you painted under it, each for various reasons, heaven knows they were numerous, but I see those Southerns that were the ones that got it taken down. Their relief their passion, and their dignity. Of time itself catching up with the future, of an emblem that was part and parcel of why you are the great country you are today and better yet... still are in the process of fighting for. Change is good donkey.

Rodak said...

What bothered me was the reverence of the ceremony with which that flag was taken down. Imho, it should have been hauled down by a grounds keeper and tossed in the nearest trash bin. I would have bought that, even if they had made a photo op of it.