Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rants: Please Don't Share Your Bad Ideas

Yesterday, while surfing around on Facebook, I saw a meme asking people to boycott products made by Koch brothers enterprises. No! Bad idea! Think a minute! If every one of their businesses went broke tomorrow, they would still have billions and billions of dollars. The only people you could possibly hurt by boycotting their products is the struggling wage-earners who are employed in making them, distributing them, and selling them. Do you perhaps think that you would be hurting the Koch brothers' feelings by not buying their products? I doubt that very much. But, if you really want to hurt their feelings, just do it with a Facebook status: THE KOCH BROTHERS ARE BIG STINKY POOPYHEAD DUMDUMS!! There. Feel better now?

###   ###   ###

On a lighter note, since we are snowed in down here in Southeast Ohio, I have just spent several hours fixing the links in the left sidebar to my stories and poems stored at Zoho Writer. If you're bored, have a look at a couple.