Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rodak's Writings: Into the Archives

This poem provided the title of a collection of poems, written in the 1970s, that was put together in an unsuccessful attempt to win a prize:

Mythic Passions

Did I come onto the scene
decently clothed and smiling?
That was my little lie.
I was really a sleep-shagged beast,
down from the mountains,
sniffing for springtime.

I dreamt the history of the race
in my rock-bound slumber.

And if I play the game,
speaking of well-trimmed lawns
and sunlit, blossomy gardens,
know that my true keep is the forest maze.
My boundaries run from this tree
to that rock
to the sea.
and the way out is yours
to find.

Would you like to test
my nature?
Feel the beard of my face.
Measure its rasp against that of my cunning.

When I dream I plot.
Call me Snare-Beauty, Crush-Lovely:
by sinew and fang,
I’ve got you now, my Sweet.