Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rodak's Writings: Basic Black - a poem

Basic Black

At my old home

the one I lost

my clothes closet

had a light in it

that came on

when you opened the door.

In my new place

the one that I haunt

a damned soul

you need to flip a switch

to light the closet.

So I stand every morning

looking into a dark place

not able to tell

if the shirt is black

or blue or green.

Do you understand

what this means?

Do you?


Fiocle said...
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Rodak said...

You mean you didn't hear it here first?

Mark VA said...


This is off topic, but I wanted to bring something out regarding your recent conversation on Vox Nova's “Religulous Biblical Literalists” post. By the way, if you don't care for this kind of “spillover” conversation, please let me know, and I'll refrain from it in the future.

In the meantime, if you allow it:

Your interlocutor brought the 1976 book “Jesus the Christ” by Walter Cardinal Kasper into the conversation. What hasn't been made clear, is that in the section titled “Jesus's Miracles”, he makes the game changing disclaimer that his theories regarding these miracles are “tentative”, and are in the nature of a “possible theological theory”. Additionally, he level-headedly follows this up by saying that an adequate theory of these miracles “in large part is still an ideal”.

Thus, we have a savvy and wise Cardinal who knows when he's labouring in the field of speculation, and makes this absolutely clear to his more impressionable, or ideological, readers. They should take him at his word.

In my opinion, the current taste for the deconstruction of miracles recorded in both Testaments will not withstand the test of time. Even if something like the story of Jonah will conclusively be shown to reside in the realm of myth, there will remain a large body of miracles reminding us of Who truly designed and possess the laws of nature. That, to “modern man”, may be a difficult thing to accept.

Rodak said...

MarkVA --

My email address is:

Better to address these things there. I will say here that the Creator once having established the laws of nature, including the laws of physics and biology, can't then change them without changing Himself. I'm not saying that can't happen. But it does run contrary to teaching that God is eternally unchanging. Feel free to respond either via email, or back at V-N.