Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reflections: "9/11" Again...and again...and....

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of all this boo-hoo-hoo over "9/11". The United States has been reducing buildings to rubble -- and killing innocent civilians in the process -- all over the world throughout this century and the last. Then one time -- ONE TIME -- we get paid back in some small measure and it becomes an event of biblical proportions. Grow up, for God's sake. What goes around comes around. Be happy that it doesn't come around more often! (I won't even mention that we've wasted more than double the number of American lives taking our "revenge" for "9/11" than we lost that day. That's fucking brilliant -- isn't it?) 

You never want to see people killed or injured by any event. But it happens every day. Put a little perspective on it, please.

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