Monday, June 11, 2012

Quote du Jour: from The Philosophy of Freedom

The following is from the Preface to the first edition of Rudolf Steiner's seminal work The Philosophy of Freedom, first published in 1894 and revised in 1918:

[W]e do not want any knowledge of the kind that has become frozen once and for all into rigid academic rules, preserved in encyclopedias valid for all time. Each of us claims the right to start from the facts that lie nearest to hand, from his own immediate experiences, and thence to ascend to a knowledge of the whole universe. We strive after certainty in knowledge, but each in his own way.

Yes. And this is precisely the mind-set that is capable of producing the artist and/or the saint.


Fiocle said...

This is a great find, Rob. In fact, I love this quote and strive towards living by it. Though I make no claim to be an artist or a saint. :) I once wrote an essay about the need to change the education system, as it is stoic and out-moded. Some changes have been made but most don't have enough funding /either/or the creative thinking or energy needed to put it into effect. Those are my humble and saintly thoughts. - Fiocle.

Rodak said...

Thanks for the visit and for sharing your thoughts on the subject, Fiocle. A very old friend, from my college days, whom I just this week contacted via Facebook, mentioned the name Rudolf Steiner to me. I remembered that I had one of his books on my shelf--and it turned out to be one that I hadn't gotten rid of already--so I decided to look into it. I bought the book in London in 1976 and haven't cracked it since, to my memory.

Ron King said...

It is good to see you post again after what seems a long time. I have missed being stimulated into a radical mode of thought which is so rewarding when I read your blog. I have not had the concentration to read more than a paragraph or two. So thank you for your openness and your intellect. Of this knowledge, I am certain.

Rodak said...

Thanks for coming by, Ron. I've had major upheavals in my personal life that have pretty much put my intellectual life on the shelf. I've missed posting here, too.