Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quote du Jour: Something for Young Girls to Keep in Mind

From Mary Robison's novel, Oh! sage advice from mother to daughter:

xxxMaureen said, "Always remember, Violet, that boys are incredibly stupid imbeciles who are liable to do anything to you at any time."
xxx"Why do they?" Violet said.
xxx"Because we girls' prettiness drives them crazy," Maureen said.
xxx"That's right," Lola said.


Fiocle said...

Blame it on the pretty girls...for shame, for shame. Probably true though. :)

Rodak said...

It doesn't really blame the pretty girls. It blames a design flaw in the crazy boys.

Katley said...

This phenomenon is cross-cultural, women always get the blame for this :)

"Money tempts women, women tempt men." (Bulgarian proverb).