Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rodak's Writings: Mojo

Got It Workin’ Now

up to my amygdala with
style-conscious placeholders
minds empty
as a dead man’s watch pocket
diminished sensibilities dried-up
like sterile ponds
stagnant at the blazing peak
of august’s hot contempt
for comfort
generating nothing but buzzing
flights of airborne irritants
reading well-wrought words faster
than a dog eats its kibble
swallowing without chewing

auugh! resentments like chitinous
facet-eyed arthropods
stalk and rattle in that dreadful
DMZ between my ears
much as rumors of bad weather
crackle through the static
of an am/fm philco slowly dying
in the faded dashboard
of a previously owned hatchback

(remembering now how
patriotic masses
once stood in their ranks
on the charcoal dark fringes
of their well-kempt lawns
cramping their denuded
necks stiff to catch a glimpse
of Telstar in twinkling transit:
brave new star in a slandered sky

sometimes i launch
a code-bearing satellite
of my own design
or just a weather balloon
that hangs up there
like a big spherical target
messing with the navigation
of brainless gray geese
in obligatory chevron
honking to hear themselves

but right now
mojo reckless
with a mercurial core
i am pleased to feel
myself becoming
nastier than a huge helping
of shit on a shingle:

shovel it in:
you know you love it.