Monday, November 15, 2010

Reflections: Facing Reality

thoughtless actions . squandered trust . selfish motives . depleted courage . deflected smiles . pitiful postures . lying eyes . pejorative projections . strategic strikings . cynical statements . shattered vows . pre-emptive put-downs . defensive withdrawals . reflexive reactions . attitudinal dysfunction . pathological intent . casual betrayal . empty words . duplicitous agendas . broken promises . missed appointments . bad faith . lost trust . weak commitment . failed drugs :

xxxxxxxxxxi shall not try.

xxxxxxxxxxi shall not share.

xxxxxxxxxxi shall not hope.

xxxxxxxxxxi shall only lurk.


screamin'ian said...

this barely scratches the surface but cuts deeper than i like at the same time. i'm destined for hermitage.
it's not a bad thing; it's just reality.

Rodak said...

I hear you.

Lynne H. said...

i have had the pleasure of all of those sentimenst at some time or another.. however, i detest them and must breathe fresh air..

if i can say this is a good write without sounding odd?

Lynne H. said...

excuse the typo.. my eyes are tired..

Rodak said...

Typo? What typo? :oP

Tracie O'braks said...

These words pile on top of me and suffocate my hopeful attitude... this is the effect of broken, glueless pieces. I feel as though I am staring into a black bottomless abyss.

Rodak said...

Fortunately, Tracie, they are my words--not yours. You are not bound to feel them.